how to fix water damage on coffee table

How To Fix Water Damage On A Coffee Table

Before attempting to repair the water damage on your coffee table, it’s important to know the type of material the table is made from so that the correct techniques and supplies are used.

Fixing Wood Tables

  • Identify the Damage. The water may have caused the wood to swell, change color or form rings. Dents and cracks may also be visible.
  • Sand. Use sandpaper to gently remove the damaged portions, being careful not to sand more than necessary.
  • Stain. After the blemishes are gone, apply a matching stain over the entire table.
  • Wax or oil. Rub either wax or oil over the entire surface. This will protect the stain and add shine.

Fixing Lacquered Tables

  • Identify the Damage. Determine whether the lacquer has cracked or peeled away from the table.
  • Clean. Remove dust, dirt and grime with a soft cloth.
  • Sand. Use a fine-grit sandpaper to remove any remaining particles.
  • Apply Lacquer. Apply thin layers of lacquer over the table, allowing it to dry in between layers.
  • Polish. Polish the table with a cloth until it has reached the desired shine.

Fixing water damage to a coffee table requires patience and careful attention. While the above steps may seem daunting, the end results will be worth it. Restoring your coffee table to its original condition will give you the satisfaction of having fixed it yourself and the bonus of having a piece of furniture that looks as good as new.

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