how to fix scratches on glass coffee table

How to Fix Scratches on Glass Coffee Table

It’s an annoying problem: you take care of your beloved glass coffee table, only for it to be marred by unsightly scratches. Fortunately, there are several ways to effectively repair the damage. Follow these steps and your glass coffee table will look like new in no time.

1. Apply a Glass Repair Product

The most common way to repair scratches on a glass coffee table is to use one of the special glass repair products available on the market. These products come in the form of a liquid or paste, and have been specially designed to restore the glass back to its original shine.

2. Shine with Toothpaste

If you don’t have a glass repair product, don’t worry–you can also use toothpaste to fill in the scratches. White toothpaste will do the trick. Simply rub the toothpaste into the scratched area using a dry cloth, in a circular motion. Rinse the area with water and wipe it down with a dry cloth when you’re done.

3. Sand the Scratches

Another option is to sand the scratches with a very fine piece of sandpaper (400- to 600-grit will do). Put some water on the scratched area, and then use the sandpaper in a circular motion. Start with a light touch, gradually increasing pressure until the scratch is gone.

4. Wax the Surface

After you’ve filled in the scratches, you’ll want to wax the entire surface of your glass coffee table. This will give it a smooth and even sheen, and help to protect the glass from future scratches.

In conclusion, scratches on a glass coffee table don’t necessarily mean the end of its life. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily repair the damage and restore its beautiful shine.

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