how to fix cracked glass coffee table

Repairing a Cracked Glass Coffee Table

Cracked glass coffee tables are a common household hazard. Not only are they unsightly and can ruin the look of your decor, if not fixed properly, the broken glass can become a hazard. Thankfully, it is possible to repair the glass yourself with a few simple tools and supplies.

Gather Tools & Supplies

These are the necessary supplies to repair your broken glass table:

  • Glass cutter
  • Adhesive caulk
  • Clean cloth

Cut a Replacement Piece of Glass

Using the glass cutter, cut a piece of replacement glass that is no larger than the original piece. Make sure the replacement piece fits snugly and securely in the broken area before proceeding.

Apply Caulk

Once the piece has been cut to size and secured in place, the next step is to apply adhesive caulk. Using the cloth, spread a layer of the caulk on the edges of the glass, then use the cloth to press the edges down and keep them in place.

Let it Dry

Once the caulk has been applied, let the table dry for at least 24 hours before using it. This allows the caulk to dry and helps ensure the repaired glass remains secure and strong.


By following these simple steps, you can easily repair cracked glass coffee tables. Not only will this restore the look of your table, but it will also help to keep it safe and secure for years to come.

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