how to fix cracked glass coffee pot

How to Fix a Cracked Glass Coffee Pot

A cracked glass coffee pot can be a huge source of frustration. The most common cause of a cracked coffee pot is trying to pick it up by the pot itself instead of the handle. Fortunately, there are easily accessible tools and materials that can help make the repair job simple. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Clean the Broken Pieces

Carefully remove the broken pieces away from the pot and clean them to remove any dirt and oil residue.

Step 2: Buy the Right Glue

Purchase a fast-drying glue that is specifically designed for repairing glass. Look for one that states it is safe for food and dishwasher use.

Step 3: Place Glue on the Edges

Lightly sand the edges of the glass pot where the pieces are to be joined together. Apply a small amount of glue to the edges and press them together.

Step 4: Allow Time To Set

Allow the glue to set for the times recommended on the glue container. Once the glue has set, the pot should be ready for use.

Step 5: Check For Any Leaks

Once the repair job is complete, it is important to test the pot for any leaks. Fill the pot with water and check the edges of the repair job. If no water is seen and the pot is feeling sturdy, then the repair job is a success.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Always pick up the pot by the handle, not the glass part.
  • Regularly check the glass for any chips or cracks.
  • If any chips or cracks are seen, address the issue immediately.
  • Do not place the pot in the dishwasher or use it to warm other items.

By following these steps, you can easily fix a cracked glass coffee pot and get back to enjoying your favorite beverage.

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