how to fix coffee table scratches

How to Fix Coffee Table Scratches

It can be very frustrating when your coffee table gets scratched or scuffed up, but thankfully, a few easy methods can get it looking like new again. Here’s how to take care of coffee table scratches:


  • Wax paste
  • Matching wood stain
  • Soft cotton cloth
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Wood conditioner
  • Clear urethane sealer


  1. Mix together wax paste and a matching wood stain on a soft cotton cloth. Gently rub the mixture in the direction of the scratch.
  2. If the scratch is still visible, use some fine sandpaper to lightly sand the area. Be sure to use small, circular motions during this step.
  3. Once the sanding is done, apply a wood conditioner to the area. This will help protect the wood from additional damage.
  4. Allow the wood conditioner to dry and then apply a clear urethane sealer to protect the wood.
  5. Once the sealer has dried, take a soft cotton cloth and polish the area.

This method should be enough to get your coffee table looking like it did when you first bought it. Taking the time to repair scratches on your furniture shows your care and respect for it and will help to extend its life.

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