how to fix chipped glass coffee table

Fixing a Chip in a Glass Coffee Table

A chipped glass coffee table can be incredibly frustrating and annoying, and it’s important to take steps to rectify the issue. Here are some steps to help you fix a chipped glass coffee table.

Prepping the Table

  • Clear the table: Remove all items from the table and make sure that the surface is clean and free of debris.
  • Sand the edges: Use sandpaper to sand the edges of the chipped area until they are smooth.
  • Clean the area: Clean the chipped area using isopropyl alcohol to help prepare the area for gluing.

Applying the Glue

  • Remove the Glue Cap: Carefully remove the cap on the epoxy glue.
  • Mix the Glue: Follow the instructions provided with the epoxy glue and mix the two parts together.
  • Dab the Glue: Using the applicator, apply the epoxy glue over the entire chipped area.
  • Smooth the Glue: Use a plastic spoon or other non-metal object to smooth the glue over the area.

Getting the Table Ready

  • Set the Table: Place the glass coffee table onto a flat, level surface.
  • Let the Glue Set: Let the glue set for at least 24 hours, or whatever the instructions suggest.
  • Clean the Table: Once the glue has set, carefully clean the table with soap and water and a soft cloth.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully fix any chipped glass coffee table with minimal fuss. Keep in mind that any glass table should be handled with care in order to minimize any further damage.

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