how to fix broken glass coffee table

How to Fix a Broken Glass Coffee Table

A cracked or shattered glass coffee table can be a dangerous and costly eyesore. However, you don’t have to throw out your beloved coffee table if it becomes broken. To ensure your safety, here is a guide on how to fix a broken glass coffee table.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Safety glasses
  • Masking tape
  • Putty knife
  • Glass panes
  • Window glazing compound
  • Calk gun
  • Masking paper

Step 1: Assess the Damage

Before attempting to fix your glass coffee table, ensure that all sharp pieces of broken glass have been cleared away. To do this, put on a pair of safety glasses and use a putty knife to carefully remove any residue.

Step 2: Get the Right Materials

Once all of the broken glass has been removed, it is time to get the right materials. Gather glass panes that are the same size as the broken one, window glazing compound and a caulking gun. The glass pane should be thick and able to withstand the weight of the tabletop.

Step 3: Prepare the Surface

Before replacing the broken glass, it is important to prepare the surface for repair. To do this, use a putty knife to scrape away any grime or debris, and then use masking tape to tape the edges of the frame to secure the glass in place.

Step 4: Replace the Glass

Using the caulking gun, apply the window glazing compound around the edges of the frame. Once finished, carefully place the glass pane into the frame and press it into place. The tape will help hold it in place while the glazing compound sets.

Step 5: Finish Up

Finish up by smoothing out any edges with a putty knife and a piece of masking paper. Allow the glazing compound to dry completely before adding anything to the top of the table.


By following this guide, you can fix a broken glass coffee table and save a significant amount of money by avoiding a costly replacement. After safely clearing away any broken pieces of glass, use the proper glazing material and tools to finish the job.

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