how to fix broken glass coffee table

How to Fix a Broken Glass Coffee Table

Shattering a beautiful glass coffee table is a frustrating experience. If it is repairable, the cost of repair may be a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire table. Here are some steps to take if you have a broken glass coffee table:

Identifying the Damages

  • Assess the situation. Are there only a few cracked pieces or are there multiple fractures spread throughout?
  • Are there intact fragments next to more broken pieces?
  • Check for any sharp, broken glass. Exercise caution.

Gathering Materials and Supplies

  • Glass You need to determine what type of glass your current coffee table is made of. Standard entry-level glass is tempered glass; however, your table may be made of other types of glass such as laminated glass or plexiglas.
  • Epoxy Glue Use epoxy glue stays strong and flexible in a variety of temperatures and weather conditions.
  • Gloves Wear gloves while working with the broken glass and epoxy. The gloves should be non-latex.
  • Disposable Paint Brushes Disposable brushes are recommended to make sure that you don’t spread infected germs.
  • Masking Tape For larger pieces of glass, you may need supplies to temporarily hold the glass in place while the epoxy dries.

Tape and Sand the Edges

On any fractured pieces of glass, you need to smooth out the jagged edges before you can start to work with them.

  • Tape the edges that will not be glued together. This will help keep your fingers safe.
  • Lightly sand the taped edges using a fine-grade sandpaper. This will smooth out the edges and allow the pieces of glass to fit together flush.

Gluing the Pieces Together

  • Per instructions on the epoxy glue, mix the epoxy and hardener together making sure that you mix enough to cover the entire coffee table.
  • Using the paint brush, apply a generous amount of glue on the edges of the pieces of glass you are gluing together.
  • Place the pieces of glass together, forcing the edges together to form a stable seal.
  • Place masking tape along the sides of the glass if you need extra stability while the epoxy is drying.
  • Allow the epoxy to dry for the recommended amount of time.


Fixing a broken glass coffee table is a tricky and time-consuming job but one that can be done. After gathering the necessary materials and tools, you should be able to reassemble and fix the table. However, if the damage is too severe it is recommended to consult a professional glazier for assistance.

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