how to fix broken glass coffee table

How to Fix a Broken Glass Coffee Table

Items You Will Need:

  • Glass repair kit
  • Wax paper
  • A thick towel
  • Razor
  • New piece of glass
  • Clean cloths
  • A pair of gloves


  1. Put on your gloves. For your safety, always use a pair of gloves when handling sharp and broken glass.
  2. Find the broken pieces of glass. Carefully and slowly pick up the broken pieces of glass using wax paper. This will prevent further cuts on your hands.
  3. Lay out a thick towel. Place the glass repair kit materials and the towel side by side. Place the broken glass pieces on the towel.
  4. Spread the putty. Using the putty knife, spread a more than enough putty along the edges of the broken glass by starting at one end. This putty should be evenly spread and should cover the entire edge.
  5. Press the new glass piece. Place the new piece of glass over the putty, making sure that it perfectly fits the edges. Then, press it down slightly to ensure that it is properly attached to the putty.
  6. Smooth out the edges. Using the razor blade, smoothly cut off the left over pieces of putty and glass that are sticking out.
  7. Clean up. Use a clean cloth to wipe the area of your new glass top and check for any imperfections.


Unbroken glass coffee tables can be a beautiful addition to any home. Follow the steps outlined above to repair any broken glass on your table. Just be sure to wear gloves and handle the glass carefully.

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