how to fix a broken glass coffee table

How to fix a Broken Glass Coffee Table

Sometimes, accidents happen and you wake up with a broken glass coffee table. This is definitely a problem, as the broken glass can be dangerous. However, all hope is not lost yet; you can fix a broken glass coffee table without spending a lot of money and, if done properly, your table will look like new again.

Things You Will Need

  • Safety glasses and gloves
  • Glass cutter
  • Tape measure
  • Glass pieces
  • Rag

Steps to Follow

  1. Put on your safety glasses and gloves. Break the remaining glass of the table into small pieces and use a glass cutter to cut the glass into the desired shape and size.
  2. Measure the broken pieces of glass and then measure the table where the broken glass used to be. Make sure the piece of glass you cut is the same size as the previous piece.
  3. Clean the surface of the table where the broken glass was located. This will prepare the surface for the new piece of glass.
  4. Place the new piece of glass onto the table. Secure the glass with a rag around the edges. This will prevent the glass from shifting when you move the table.
  5. Secure the glass in place with glue or tape.
  6. If needed, use a glass cleaner to clean the new piece of glass and make sure it looks perfect.

You have now successfully fixed your broken glass coffee table. Please remember to practice safety precautions when working with glass, and use the right tools to avoid breaking your table again. Congratulations!

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