how to fix a broken glass coffee table

How to Fix a Broken Glass Coffee Table

When you are dealing with a broken glass coffee table, it can be both daunting and a little tricky to repair. However, with the right tools and some concentration, you can fix your broken coffee table quite easily.

Steps for Fixing a Broken Glass Coffee Table

  • Gather the Tools Necessary – Begin by gathering the tool you’ll need to complete the repair. To fix a broken glass coffee table, you should have some super glue, a clean cloth, a Phillips and flathead screwdriver, some masking tape, and an assortment of nuts, bolts, and washers.
  • Remove the Broken Glass – Once you have collected all the necessary tools, use the Phillips and flathead screwdrivers to carefully remove the screws fixing in the broken glass. Gently lift the broken glass and remove it from the frame.
  • Clean Up the Area – Take the clean cloth and carefully wipe down the frame of the coffee table. This will help to remove any dust and debris that may have accumulated around the frame and inside of it.
  • Apply the Super Glue – Press the super glue around the edges of the frame. Make sure to work slowly and carefully to avoid getting any glue on your fingers. Once the glue has dried, use the masking tape to secure the pieces of the frame together.
  • Reattach the Glass – Carefully place the glass back into the frame of the coffee table. Use the screws, nuts, bolts and washers to secure the glass back into the frame. Once it is all properly secured, remove the masking tape.


By following the above steps, you should have your broken glass coffee table fixed in no time. Remember to be careful and take your time to ensure that all pieces are securely attached. Good luck!

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