how to finish wood coffee table

Finishing a Wood Coffee Table

Finishing a wood coffee table is a rewarding project and will add a unique piece of furniture to your home. If done correctly, a coffee table is a piece of furniture that can last for decades. Use these steps to properly finish your wood coffee table.

Step One: Sanding

The first step is to sand down the wood to smooth out any rough spots and even out any dents or scratches. You will want to start with a coarse grit of sandpaper and then progressively sand with a finer grit. Make sure to sand in the same direction of the grain of the wood whenever possible.

Step Two: Staining

Once all the sanding is complete, choose a stain color that best suits the decor of your home. Wear gloves and a dust mask during this process, as the stain and varnish contain chemicals that can irritate your skin and lungs.

Step Three: Applying Polyurethane

Polyurethane will protect the wood from staining and other damage. You can apply the polyurethane with a paintbrush or a foam brush in long, even strokes. Start at the edges and work your way inwards. Allow the polyurethane to dry before adding the next coat.

Step Four: Finishing and Waxing

Once the polyurethane is dry, you can move onto the finishing touches. You can use a soft cloth to apply a layer of finishing wax. After the wax is dry, use a soft brush to brush it into the wood grain for a more polished finish.

Step Five: Enjoy Your New Wood Coffee Table

Congratulations, your wood coffee table is now finished and ready for use! Enjoy the look and feel of your new furniture and feel proud of a job well done.

Tips for Finishing a Wood Coffee Table

  • Use a dust mask and gloves: While working with stains and varnishes, it’s always advantageous to use a dust mask and gloves to protect yourself from the potentially hazardous chemicals.
  • Sand in the same direction of the grain: Whenever possible, sand in the same direction as the grain of the wood. This will help your table look as smooth and uniform as possible.
  • Start with a coarse grit: Start with a coarse grit of sandpaper and then gradually increase with a finer grit. This will help to give your table the perfect finish.
  • Apply long, even strokes: When applying the polyurethane and finishing wax, use long, even strokes. This will help to make sure the finish is even and won’t be streaky.

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