how to finish pallet coffee table

How to Finish a Pallet Coffee Table

Creating a coffee table from a pallet is a great way to upgrade your home’s design on a budget. But before you start basking in the praise and admiration of your stylish new piece of furniture, you’ll need to properly finish your project. Here’s how to finish a pallet coffee table in four steps:

1. Sand the Pallet

Using sandpaper, you’ll want to thoroughly sand the entire surface of the pallet and all of the individual pieces. This will ensure a smooth, even surface for you to work with.

2. Clean the Pallet

Once you’re done sanding, use a damp cloth to remove any dust or debris. Make sure it gets as clean as possible, as this will help the finish adhere correctly.

3. Apply the Finish

This is where the look of your pallet coffee table takes shape. Apply either a stain or sealer that matches the design of the room it’ll be placed in. Make sure to coat the whole piece and let it dry completely.

4. Add the Details

Once the finish is dry, you can add the final touches to give your pallet coffee table a finished look. You can:

  • Paint the top for added pop of color
  • Wrap the edges with rope or twine
  • Attach corners to make the table more secure
  • Add casters for mobility

And you’re done! With a little patience and attention to detail, you should now have a gorgeous pallet coffee table to help complete the look of any room.

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