how to fasten legs to a coffee table

How to Fasten Legs to a Coffee Table

Having a solid, stable coffee table adds character and functionality to a living area. Fastening legs to a coffee table properly is essential to ensure the coffee table is secure and will not cause damage to the other furniture around it. Follow these steps to make sure your coffee table stands strong.

Steps to Attaching Legs

  • Identify your mounting hardware. Screws with washers, lag screws, and hanger bolts are all effective ways to attach legs. Determine which type you should use with your furniture set up.
  • Drill pilot holes. This will prevent the wood from splitting. Drill from the underside of the table and use the smallest drill bit available.
  • Secure the screws. Secure the screws into the pilot holes. Check for stability of the table prior to attaching the legs completely.
  • Fasten the legs. Dry fit the legs prior to fastening them to ensure everything is properly lined up.
  • Set the coffee table. Flip the coffee table over and attach the mounting hardware. Carefully tighten the screws until the legs are fully secured.

Tips for Success

  • Measure. Take accurate measurements of the legs, tabletop, and the mounting hardware prior to beginning the process.
  • Use a level. Check the level of the table before and after attaching the legs to be sure that they are even.
  • Gently tighten. overtightening the screws can strip the mounting holes, so tighten the screws gently to avoid damage.

Fitting legs to a coffee table is a straightforward process if you have the right tools, but it can have disastrous results if it is not done properly. Take your time and use the guidelines above to ensure your coffee table has a long and happy life.

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