how to easily move a heavy coffee table on carpet

How to Easily Move a Heavy Coffee Table on Carpet

Moving a heavy coffee table on carpet can at times feel like an impossible task! Here are some tips to make it easy:

1. Get help

Moving heavy items like a coffee table long distances usually requires the assistance of at least one other person, if not more. It’s always best to have an extra set of hands or two to help maneuver the coffee table and prevent any potential injury.

2. Prepare the area

Ideal preparation before moving a coffee table is to have a clear and open path or route for the table to travel. Remove any furniture, carpets, rug ends, or other items in the direct path of the coffee table.

3. Engage the right equipment

Sliding boards and furniture sliders are essential tools when moving a heavy coffee table on carpet. Sliding boards are typically available at your local hardware store. Furniture sliders consist of a fabric-like material with a hard, plastic form backing it, allowing your furniture to remain in place while you move it.

4. Slide it

The goal is to gently slide the coffee table on the carpet, rather than lifting it directly. Place the sliders or sliding boards on each end and slowly push it in the direction of its new position.

5. Paddling

If you find that you cannot move the coffee table any further due to the weight, padding underneath can help the sliding of the furniture. Using pieces of cardboard or stronger padding will reduce the friction between the bottom of the coffee table and the carpet.

6. Keep your back and arms safe

When maneuvering and pushing the coffee table, make sure that you are using your legs and not your back and arms. This will prevent fatigue and injuries to your body.

Hopefully with these tips, you will be able to easily move your heavy coffee table on the carpet. Good luck!

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