how to dress up a glass coffee table

How to Dress Up a Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables are a great way to bring light and a modern feel to any room. However, they are often seen as a little plain or bare. Luckily, there are some easy ways to spruce up a glass coffee table and bring a bit of flair to your home.

Add a Colorful Throw Blanket

A colorful throw blanket is the perfect item to add a fun pop of color to a glass coffee table. Simply drape the throw blanket over the table and tuck it in around the sides if you want a contained look. You can also fold the throw in interesting ways for an even more interesting look.

Add a Tray or Shelf

If you want even more storage, consider adding a tray or shelf to your coffee table. A tray with interesting curves and shapes can provide a nice contrast to the plain glass and is perfect for storing remotes and other small objects while adding visual interest. A shelf is also a great way to improve storage and ensure items stay in place.

Create an Art Display

Glass coffee tables are a great choice for displaying art and adding real personality to a space. Use the glass top as a blank canvas for your designs and add pieces of art, photos or even trinkets to make a real statement. If you want to further delineate the display area, you can also add a collection of items around the edge of the table.

Bring in Decorative Containers

Adding a collection of decorative containers is a great way to add interest to your coffee table. Opt for containers in different shapes, sizes and colors to create a unique look. Place items inside the containers such as magazines, books and other decorative items.

Bring in Texture and Greenery

Glass coffee tables rely on texture to add more elements to the design. Incorporate texture into your design by bringing in items such as baskets, boxes and rugs. You can also add a bit of greenery to further liven up the design. Place potted plants, flowers and succulents in various containers on the table for a fun and unexpected look.


Glass coffee tables are versatile and stylish, but they can sometimes look bare and uninviting. With these simple tips and tricks, you can dress up a glass coffee table and transform it into the perfect centerpiece for your space.

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