how to dress up a glass coffee table

How to Dress Up a Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables add a chic, elegant look to any living room. But they can also quickly become boring and dull. Here are a few tips on how to dress up an existing glass coffee table, either to add a little extra style or to match the theme of an entire room:

Add a Runner & Accessories

Adding a runner across the top of the glass coffee table and pairing it with some carefully chosen accessories is one of the easiest and most effective ways to dress up your glass coffee table.

  • Choose a runner that is large enough to fill up the top, but not too long that it hangs down or evokes a sense of clutter.
  • Add accessories that are useful and attractive. This could include books, vases, candles, or figurines.
  • Choose a style that matches the rest of the room. For example, if the room has more of a modern vibe, a simple white linen runner with boxed accessories would work. Or if the rest of the room has a more traditional aesthetic, a vibrant patterned silk runner with ornate accessories would fit in nicely.

Paint the Bottom of the Glass

This is a great way to incorporate extra color, pattern, or interest without taking away from the chic effect of the glass.

  • Prepare the table by thoroughly cleaning it with glass cleaner and wiping away any streaks.
  • Apply primer to the bottom of the table so that the paint will stick.
  • Choose a paint color that complements the style of the room.
  • Apply paint in 2-3 coats, allowing the table to dry completely between coats.
  • Protect the table by applying a finish coat of clear coat over the painted portion.

Shadow Box

To add a more unique look to the glass coffee table, consider adding a shadow box underneath the glass top.

This will create interesting shadows underneath the table and serve as an eye-catching display.

  • Choose a box that fits the size of the glass top and is deep enough to hold items without appearing cluttered.
  • Choose an item to display. This could be a favorite bouquet of flowers, a collection of items, or a large candle.
  • Fill the box with decorative items that complement the main item.
  • Place the box underneath the glass top.


Glass coffee tables are the perfect addition to any home and they don’t have to be bland. With a few easy changes, such as adding a runner and accessories, painting the bottom of the glass, or creating a shadow box, you can dress up your glass coffee table.

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