how to dress a glass coffee table

How to Dress a Glass Coffee Table

If you’re looking to make a modern style statement with your furniture, a glass coffee table is a great choice. Glass tables have become increasingly popular, as they offer a modern touch to any living room. However, glass can be daunting to style, as you can end up making the table look cold and clinical. Fear not! Here are some useful tips on how to dress up a glass coffee table.

Add Some Colour

Adding a few colour accents can really liven up a glass coffee table. This could come in the form of coasters, flowers or even a colourful centerpiece. Think of the colour palette of your living room, and choose shades from that. For a bold and sophisticated look, dark moody colours, like inky blues and moss green, work well.

Incorporate Natural Elements

A great way to style a glass table is to bring in some natural elements. Think about adding a plant or some floral arrangement. Small, low-maintenance plants like cacti or succulents work well with a glass coffee table. You can also combine natural elements such as wood, stone, or pebbles, to add texture and interest.

Add Some Subtle Lighting

Lighting can make a big difference when styling a glass table. A beautiful glass table can look cold and unwelcoming in the wrong lighting. To counter this, you can add some subtle, low-intensity lighting to make it look inviting. Lamp shades, candles, small string lights, or a scented wax burner are all good options.

Use a Tray

Investing in a nice tray is a great idea for styling a glass coffee table. Not only does it serve to keep your items organised, it also adds a nice contrast between style and material. You can use it to bring together different elements and make them look like a cohesive display.

Create a Homey Accent

When it comes to creating a homey atmosphere, nothing beats a few personal touches. Add a few books, a place setting, or a few vintage trinkets to make your coffee table more inviting. If you have kids, you could even display your kid’s artwork or family photos to make it more homely.

In conclusion, with the right styling, you can turn an uninspiring glass coffee table into a stylish statement piece. Remember to mix and match colours, add natural elements, incorporate subtle lighting, use a tray, and add personal touches to give your glass coffee table a chic and contemporary look.

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