how to dress a glass coffee table

How to Dress a Glass Coffee Table

Decorating your home is an important and fun way to express yourself and the glass coffee table offers endless possibilities for customization. Here’s how to dress it up and bring some style to your living area:

Choose Your Fabric

When selecting a fabric for your glass coffee table, you should always consider the existing color scheme in the room. Choose a design and color that complements the existing palette and adds to the overall look – not something that clashes or takes away from the rest of the furniture.

Create a Skirt

The best way to dress up a glass coffee table is to create a skirt out of the chosen fabric. You can sew this yourself or enlist the help of a tailor. Be sure to leave enough slack around the edges to accommodate the existing measurements of the table.

Lay the Skirt

Once the skirt has been made and fitted to the table, you can lay it on top and secure it with magnets, stitching, or glue. This is a great way to add a decorative element to your decor without making any major changes.

Add Finishing Touches

Once the skirt has been laid, you can dress up the table even more with the addition of some accessories. Accent pillows, candlesticks, and other small items can be arranged on the table to add texture and interest.

With a Little Bit of Creativity

With just a few small changes, your glass coffee table can be transformed into something truly unique and special. By using fabric to create a skirt and adding decorative elements, you can take a simple and functional piece of furniture and turn it into a stylish focal point of your living area.

Happy decorating!

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