how to dress a glass coffee table

How to Dress a Glass Coffee Table

A glass coffee table can help bring a simple elegance to any living room. If dressed properly it can help to tie together the elements of the room and add a final touch of style. Here are some tips for making sure you dress your glass coffee table for success.

Select Décor

The key to dressing a glass coffee table is to pick décor items that draw attention yet also complement each other. Here are a few ideas on items you may use:

  • Books: Choose interesting books or coffee table books with stylish covers. Group the books together or separate them with some of the other décor items.
  • Candles: You can select candles of various sizes and shapes. Unscented candles are best for this application. Place them on a plain colored dish or tiered stand.
  • Vases / Flowers: Select a few small colorful vases and fill them with a few of your favorite flowers. Cluster the vases together or arrange them in a line.
  • Trays: Trays can provide a canvas to collect multiple items or books. You can even find matching sets of trays and other decorative pieces to tie everything together.
  • Objects: Interesting objects, like shells, figurines or unique souvenirs, can provide fun focal points to your display.

Arrange Decor

The second step is to arrange the décor on the table. For a glass coffee table, a balanced approach works best. Start by placing the main larger pieces off to the corners and filling in the gaps with smaller items.

If you don’t have enough items to fill the entire table, place the décor pieces in a group or line. Other easy arrangements include fanning the books out or clustering the items together.

Enhance with Color

The finishing touch is to enhance the glass coffee table with color. Colors can help draw the eye to the table and provide some playfulness to the display. Try adding in some accents such as art or colorful pillows for the couch to create the perfect balance.


Dressing up your coffee table is a fun way to show your personal style and bring some life into your living room. With the right selection of décor, arrangement and color accents, you can create a truly stunning coffee table scene.

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