how to dress a coffee table uk

How to Dress a Coffee Table in the UK

It is no secret that the coffee table is seen as a functional yet stylish piece of furniture in the home that brings a space together. Here we will provide some design tips to help you make the most of your coffee table and really enhance its appeal.

Follow these steps to dress your coffee table like a pro:

  • Choose your centrepiece. Selecting an eye-catching centrepiece is an essential part of dressing your coffee table and it should be the first thing you think about. Consider any interesting ornaments or ornaments that are in keeping with the style of the room and overall design scheme you have in mind.
  • Vary the positioning of items. Take care to ensure that objects are not clustered together in one area of the table and consider instead, alternating the vertical and horizontal positions throughout the design.
  • Choose a colour palette. Depending on the overall look you are aiming for, go for a palette of either bright and bold colours for a lively approach, or softer and more muted shades for a more relaxed feel.
  • Layer with texture. To create a rich, layered look on your coffee table, incorporate items with different textures and materials such as woven baskets, velvet cushions, wood trays and more.
  • Finishing touches. Finally, don’t forget to add some greenery as this will bring a pop of colour and natural life to your coffee table while adding interest and texture.

Following these simple steps will ensure your coffee table looks effortlessly stylish and is a great talking point in the home.

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