how to draw a round coffee table

How to Draw a Round Coffee Table

Drawing realistic-looking furniture is a great way to practice your art skills, but it can feel overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. Drawing a round coffee table is enjoyable and fairly easy.

Steps to Draw a Round Coffee Table

  1. Draw a circle. Start by sketching a circle in the center of your page. Make sure that it is lightly sketched so that you can erase and adjust it as you go. This will form the top of the coffee table.
  2. Draw two circles below the first one. These two circles below the surface the table top and form the legs.
  3. Connect the circles with straight lines. Join the two circles at the bottom to the sides of the top circle and draw two straight lines. Feel free to adjust the lines so that you are satisfied with the proportions.
  4. Add details. Start adding details like the screws, the edge of the table, the feet, etc. Use reference photos for guidance if needed. Once you are happy with your design, erase the guidelines and add shadows for a three dimensional look.

Final Thoughts

Drawing a round coffee table is a great way to practice your skills and build up your portfolio. And you now have the steps to draw your own! Just remember to take your time, be patient and be sure to add your own unique touches.

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