how to do up a coffee table

How To Dress Up A Coffee Table

If you’ve been wanting to give your living room a quick makeover, consider starting with your coffee table as it can be one of the most impactful things to dress up. Thankfully, all it takes are a few simple steps for you to create a chic, stylish, and inviting table.

Steps To Achieve A Stylish Coffee Table

  • 1. Get A Tray: Start with a tray that is slightly larger than the coffee table. Go with a nice metal or woven tray to create an interesting focal point.
  • 2. Vary The Height: Create an interesting design by making use of different heights. Try placing some taller and lower items of various shapes, to give the table a layered look.
  • 3. Select The Colors: Try to limit the color palette to two or three colors. This could include neutral tones, such as cream, white, or beige, or bright accent shades, such as pink, yellow, and green.
  • 4. Add Books: Stack a few books, either hardcovers or paperbacks, and arrange them to give the table an interesting look. These can also serve as extra height to add to existing items.
  • 5. Add An Accent Piece: Place a figurine, sculpture, or candle as the crowning glory. This special piece will tie everything together and add character to your coffee table.
  • 6. Layer Items: Place items in layers to create visual interest, grouping similar pieces and arranging them to give it a unified look. Make sure to always create a balance and use a distance between objects.
  • 7. Accessorize: Add some boho elements, a small succulent, or some faux fur to give your coffee table texture and depth.

By following these steps, you are sure to dress up and spruce up your coffee table and give your living room an inviting and chic look. Enjoy the process of decorating your coffee table and the results.

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