how to distress ikea coffee table

How to Distress an IKEA Coffee Table

Distressing an IKEA coffee table can give it a unique, aged, and vintage look, making a classic statement that is truly your own. It also adds value to the piece, whether it is for personal use or for reselling. Follow these steps to distress your IKEA table:

Step 1: Apply White Paint

Start by applying a coat or two of chalk or milk paint to the top of the table. Allow the paint to set overnight.

Step 2: Sand the Paint

Once the paint has dried, sand the top of the table for a lightly distressed look. If you want a more weathered look, use a wire brush to create a more textured surface.

Step 3: Color Wash

Once you’ve achieved the desired texture, use a rag to color wash the top of the table. Dip the rag into a container of paint and water, wring it out and wipe it over the surface of the table, extending the paint slightly beyond the edges. Allow the color wash to dry, and then repeat the process and lighten the color.

Step 4: Wax

Once the color wash is dry, add a layer of wax to the top of the table. This helps to protect the paint and give the table a smoother finish.

Step 5: Add Details

Finish the distressing process by adding your own creative touch. This can be done using a variety of methods such as:

  • Adding a decoupage layer to the top of the table.
  • Outlining the edges of the table with contrasting paint.
  • Sanding off certain areas to give them a more weathered look.
  • Stenciling motifs into the surface of the table.
  • Adding extra embellishments to the top such as rivets or nailheads.

Once you’ve completed the distressing process, you’ll have an IKEA coffee table like no other! Whether you’re distressed out of necessity or desire, you’ve created a timeless and unique piece.

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