how to display books on a coffee table

How to Display Books on a Coffee Table

When someone walks into your living room, one of the first pieces of furniture they encounter is usually the coffee table. After all, it’s typically the most important piece in the living room. So how do you make sure your coffee table stands out? Why not display books and magazines on your coffee table? That way, your coffee table won’t be just a flat and boring surface.

1.Vary Your Prints and Textures

Positioning books with different textures and prints on your coffee table is a great way to add an interesting touch and where better to show off a wide array of books?

Mix it up. Place different sizes and patterns into your coffee table display. That way you can really show off your sophistication and creativity. Try to combine solids, stripes and florals if you can.

2. Experiment with Color

Having a range of bold colors is another great way to spruce up your table top display. It will instantly injects life into the area. Aim to add in a range of colors, but try not to overwhelm the display.

Varying shades of blue are great for beach-side homes and muted pastel tones for something more modern. While white and neutral shades offer a timeless and classic appeal.

3. Incorporating Personalized Items

Adding in personalized items gives your display that special touch. Place a statement piece from your travels in the center, or incorporate something from nature such as driftwood or shells. You can also add in family photos or mementos.

4. Stack Up

Stacking some books or magazines on top of each other will give your display a cozy feel. You can display books of the same size, together in a stack or place several different sizes together.

You can also stack books and magazines in a zigzag or alternate pattern, or you can build them up in a pyramid shape. Whatever you choose to do, stacking your books can look really great.

5. Theme It

If you’re looking for a great way to take your display to the next level, then consider having a themed coffee table. Choose from outdoors, soft pink, books and magazines or whatever you’re into.

Final Thoughts: Displaying books is a great way to style your coffee table and bring life to your living room. Use these tips to put together your own coffee table display, and make it your own by adding in personalized pieces.

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