how to decorate round glass coffee table

Decorating a Round Glass Coffee Table

A round glass coffee table can be a versatile piece of furniture that can easily fit in to any home decor setting. Here’s how to make the most of it:

Choose a Color Scheme

The key to creating a harmonious space with a glass table is selecting the right colors to go with it. For a modern interior, select a bold hue such as bright red, orange or yellow. Or opt for a neutral shade like beige, cream or grey.

Accessorize with Soft Textures

Accessorizing with soft textures is a great way to add warmth and dimension to the sleek surface of the glass. Textured rugs and throws can soften the look and make it more inviting. Soft cushions, throws and pillows are also great for creating a cozy corner for relaxation.

Create a Focal Point

To draw attention to the table, create a focal point by adding an eye-catching accent. This could be a stylish vase, a statement sculpture or even a brightly colored bowl. The idea is to create something that stands out from the rest of your decor.

Style the Tabletop

You don’t need to clutter the table with lamps and decorative items – just choose a few to create a beautiful and inviting display. A candleholder, framed art, plants or artwork all make great additions.

Layer the Look

Finally, create an interesting layered look by adding some height to the table. Add large books or stacks of smaller ones, a tray or two with decorative accessories, and a few stylish small lamps.


With these simple tips, you can transform a round glass coffee table into a stylish and inviting addition to any interior. Choose a color scheme that compliments the rest of the decor, accessorize with soft textures, create a focal point and layer the look for a complete display.

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