how to decorate round glass coffee table

Tips to Decorate a Round Glass Coffee Table

A round glass coffee table can truly add freshness to any interior. This ultra-clear and sleek furnishing item can make a space appear to be brighter and bigger. With its presence, your living room need not worry about looking too small. With the following tips, you can decorate your round glass coffee table in no time.

Select Items of Various Heights

Opt for items of different heights for the centrepiece of your table. Choose items that match each other’s shape and colour. This can help to draw attention to the items and the overall design of the table. You can pick up some books that come in various heights, shapes and colours. Alternatively, you could use different vases with flowers.

Mix and Match Different Colours

Choose pieces which come with different colours to place together on the table. For example, opt for items which contain soft pastel colours, such as turquoise, pink, and mauve. Containers and vases with vivid shades such as red, purple and pink can spruce up the coffee table. But feel free to mix and match any shades that you prefer.

Add Lights to the Table

Lights provide the perfect ambience to any space. You can add a beautiful lampshade to your coffee table. Round table lamps with bare bulbs or colourful fabric shades make excellent statement pieces for a glass coffee table. Feel free to match the lampshade with the vases and other items on the table.

Accentuate the Table With Finishing Touches

To give your coffee table an extra special makeover, feel free to include finishing touches. You can add a small plant, scented candles, or mini figurines to go on the table. It all depends on what you want to portray.

Accessorise the Table

Add some trinkets, jewellery or other such items to accessorise the table. The items don’t have to be expensive or large. It can be something small, such as earrings or pendants or a special frame or photo. Adding these items will enable the table to have a ‘completed’ look.

Finally, don’t forget to carefully place the items in a nice neat manner to give the table that classy look. With the above tips, your round glass coffee table will be ready to dazzle!

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