how to decorate rectangular coffee table

How to Decorate a Rectangular Coffee Table?

Adding a stylish looking coffee table to your living room can instantly lift a dull environment and make it look chic. Here are some easy steps to help you decorate your rectangular coffee table to make your living room stand out.

Step One: Accessorize

Accessorizing a coffee table can transform the look of your living room. Here are a few ways you can spice up your table with different items:

  • Books: Place books on top of the table as a beautiful decoration. Let the book covers be the perfect décor, or even use a bookend to hold your stack of books together.
  • Boxes: Boxes can also be used to store and display items. Place items like candles, seasonal decorations or jewelry you love in the boxes to add color.
  • Trays: Use a tray to add texture and organization to your table. Display items like trinkets or knick knacks on your tray for a stylish look.

Step Two: Add Plants

Adding plants to your coffee table is a great way to bring some life to the room. Use greens or florals in vases – such as white calla lilies, pink roses, or tulips. Place smaller plants like terrariums, or add bright colored succulents to the table.

Step Three: Layer Rugs or Throws

Layering rugs or throws can add depth to the room. Pick bold or patterned rugs to make the room look more vivid and eye-catching. Adding soft throws to the table’s base is another great way to make the table look warm and inviting.

Step Four: Place Centerpieces

Put a centerpiece in the middle of the table to anchor the look of the living room. Centerpieces can range from flower and glass vases to candle arrays or trays of potpourri. Try to experiment with different items and decorations until you find the perfect addition for your decor.


Adding a rectangular coffee table to a living room has multiple benefits. It can act as a storage area, a place to display your favorite items or a dining area – all in one. Use these simple tips to make the most out of your table and transform your living area into a stylish and chic atmosphere.

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