how to decorate my coffee table for st patrick’s day

Decorating your coffee table for St. Patrick’s Day

1. Use green as the main color

Green is the traditional color of Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day. Decorate your coffee table with accessories like green candle holders, vases, bowls, trays etc.

2. Add some festive green and white flowers

Choose a festive flower arrangement with shades of green and white. This will instantly make your coffee table look more cheerful and festive.

3. Combine green and gold

The combination of green and gold is a great way to enhance your coffee table decoration for St. Patrick’s Day. Choose gold candle holders, vases and accessories that are eye-catching and festive.

4. Add a festive centerpiece

Make your coffee table the center of attention with a festive St. Patrick’s Day centerpiece. You can go for a traditional four-leaf clover wreath or candle display, or even place a green bowl filled with ornaments, such as clovers and four-leaf clovers.

5. Add some traditional leprechaun décor

To make your coffee table truly festive, add some traditional leprechaun décor. Place some leprechaun figurines, sign posts and coins around your table, for a festive and inviting look.

6. Finish with green and gold candles

The finishing touch to decorating your coffee table for St. Patrick’s Day is to add some candles. Choose some candles in shades of green and gold, and either scatter them around the table or place them in a festive holder.


Decorating your coffee table for St. Patrick’s Day is a great way to add a festive atmosphere to your home. Just remember to use the traditional green, white and gold, and add some leprechaun décor, and you will have a beautiful and festive table to enjoy!

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