how to decorate living room without coffee table

Decorating a Living Room without a Coffee Table

Coffee tables are often a large and important part of a living room. But there are plenty of ways to show off your style without the inclusion of one. Here are some tips on how to decorate your living room without a coffee table.

Mix and Match Chairs

Interchangeable chairs, such as armchairs and stools, can be grouped together to create a comfortable conversational area. Match chairs in complementary colors or mix different patterns for a cozy, chic vibe.

Cover the Floor

Rugs are an essential part of a living room and can add color, texture and warmth to the space. Choose longer, runner rugs to create a central focal point or choose several small rugs to add interest. Do keep in mind that rugs help break up larger rooms and avoid furniture that sits too high off the floor.

Utilize Side Tables

Side tables are a great way to add practical storage. Opt for smaller options, such as round corner tables, which can feature a lamp, photo frame, flower vase or book. If floor space is at a premium, wall-mounted shelves and floating units can keep pieces off the ground and help to keep the living room looking light and uncluttered.

Pop of Color

Pillows and throws can help to soften the look of a living room. Place them in between chairs and sofas for a relaxed feel. Whites and neutrals can often be accessorized in bold colors and prints for a showstopping effect. Window dressings can be used to balance the colors of the room, bringing in fresh, eye-catching colors.


Take advantage of vertical and horizontal surfaces available to you — drawers, consoles and wall space can provide plenty ofstorage to avoid clutter and keep items hidden away when not in use. Fitted cupboards can offer an extra layer of storage while sideboards with open shelves and drawers can display items in style.

With a few clever styling techniques and clever storage solutions you can create a stylish living room without the need for a coffee table. By maximizing the areas that you do have, you can create a truly unique and enjoyable living space.

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