how to decorate glass coffee table 2019

Decorating Glass Coffee Table 2019

Hopefully you have a great glass coffee table and are interested in decorating it this year. Styling a glass coffee table adds to the overall atmosphere of the room. Whether you want to change the look for an upcoming season or for fun, this simple guide will provide you with some ideas to get your creative juices going.

Pick Your Colors

You will want to select colors that match the overall decor of the room. If you want to change up the look of the room, pick colors that are different than those already present.

Choose Your Items

Here is the fun part! Choose items that will both look great and serve a purpose. Examples of decorative items to use on a glass coffee table are:

  • Candles: The perfect romantic ambient addition.
  • Books: If you don’t want to keep reading them, use them for simple decoration.
  • Succulents: Great for greenery and beautiful pops of color.
  • Vases: Fill them with flowers or colorful stones for an eye-catching centerpiece.

Choose A Centerpiece

Now it’s time to pick your centerpiece. If you plan on having guests over, you can use the centerpiece as a conversation starter. Placing books, jars, and other items in the middle of the table can be great conversation starters and a wonderful addition to the decor. You can also opt to place a flower arrangement in the middle of the table.

Finishing Touches

Once you have selected your colors, items, and centerpiece, it’s time to add the finishing touches to make your table complete. Place candles or succulents around the base of the table to add depth. Place books and magazines around the coffee table for a cozy, inviting touch. Place a vase with colored stones in the middle to finish it off.

Glass coffee tables are fun to decorate and can really add to the overall atmosphere of your room. Have fun with it, and enjoy the transformation!

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