how to decorate glass coffee table 2019

Decorating a Glass Coffee Table for 2019

Glass coffee tables can be a modern and sleek addition to any living space. To decorate your glass coffee table in 2019, the below tips will help you make the most of this versatile and stylish furniture.

Choose a Stylish Tray

A great way to see your glass coffee table pop is to choose a stylish tray. This allows you to easily organize various pieces of décor, including books, magazines, and tealights. The tray should be large enough for a few items, but not too big, as it should fit comfortably on the top of the table and look neat.

Add Natural Elements

Adding natural elements such as scented candles, air plants, and seashells is a great way to make your space look stylish, while remaining low-maintenance and inviting. These items allow you to create a unique, natural look in your living space without having to buy expensive items or spend too much time re-arranging furniture.

Include Art or Objects

Having a few art or decorative objects on the table is a great way to add color and interest to any space. You can choose whatever items you like to best suit your personal taste and interested. Here are some ideas:

  • Photos: Place carefully selected photos in small frames and group them together on one end of the table to create a personalized, attractive display.
  • Vases: Fill a few small vases with flowers, herbs, or small trinkets to bring life to the table.
  • Books: Arrange a few books on the table adding height to your arrangement.
  • Statues: Consider adding some stylish statues to your glass coffee table to really capture the eye.

Remember to select décor items that blend in with the rest of your style. With the right pieces, your glass coffee table can bring your living space to life in 2019!

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