how to decorate glass coffee table 2019

Decorating a Glass Coffee Table in 2019

Glass coffee tables are a classic piece of furniture that can lend an air of elegance and modern flare to any room décor. If you have a glass coffee table in your home and are unsure about how to decorate it for 2019, don’t fear! Here are some of the greatest tips for sprucing up your coffee table to make sure it is at the pinnacle of modern trends:


  • Add a bold centerpiece to create a beautiful visual contrast between the metal and glass.
  • Incorporate the use of metals such as copper and brass to add a touch of modern sophistication.
  • Choose shades in the same color family to keep the look subtle.

Accent Pieces

  • Books: A stack of books can be an excellent way to add dimension and texture to your glass coffee table.
  • Candles: Candles can add a warm and inviting feel to a room, and can give your coffee table the perfect accent piece.
  • Vases: Vases are a great way to showcase your favorite flowers and add a pop of color to your coffee table.

Finishing Touches

  • Greenery: Adding a few pieces of greenery to your coffee table can give your space a refreshed and natural look.
  • Trays: Using trays can give your coffee table a neat and organized look. Trays can also be helpful for controlling the placement of items and can make it easier for you to clean up quickly.
  • Lamps: Lamps are a great way to provide a subtle ambient light for any room.

Using the tips above, you can make sure your glass coffee table looks modern and stylish in 2019. With the right pieces, your coffee table can be the centerpiece of any living space and a great place to entertain guests.

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