how to decorate glass coffee table 2019


How to Decorate Your Glass Coffee Table in 2019

When it comes to setting the mood in your living room, a glass coffee table can be the centerpiece for style and comfort. But with the right decorations, a glass coffee table can be used to show off your tastes and complement the rest of your furniture. Here is how to decorate your glass coffee table in 2019:

Choose the Perfect Centerpiece

When decorating your glass coffee table, it’s important to find the right centerpiece to draw the eye. Centerpieces for glass coffee tables don’t have to be anything too complicated. In fact, something simple like a small bowl of seashells or a vase with a bouquet of flowers is a great way to bring the table to life.

Draw Attention with a Specialty Tray

Tray decorations are a great way to bring additional interest to your glass coffee table. Oftentimes people opt for a clear, Lucite tray with gold accents to serve as the base for the rest of the decorations. You can also find unique trays with motifs like geometric shapes or snake-skin designs.

Select Accents that Stand Out

Once you have your centerpiece and tray, it’s time to select accent pieces to add the finishing touches. Here are some ideas for decorating your glass coffee table:

    • Candles – Add a sophisticated flair to the room with candles of varying heights. Place them directly on the tray or group them together and add votive holders for some extra sparkle.


    • Autumn Leaves – Collect small leaves of different sizes from the outdoors and place them inside a bowl for a natural touch.


    • Pine Cones – Another great decoration for the fall season, take pine cones and place them inside your centerpiece bowl.


    • Books – Place a stack of books of different sizes and colors onto your tray.


    • Photos – Use a grouping of frames with photos of family members or your favorite destinations.


With a good eye for design and the right decorations, you can make a beautiful coffee table that is unique and full of personality.

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