how to decorate coffee table

How to Decorate a Coffee Table

Decorating your coffee table is a great way to create an eye-catching feature in your living room. Here are some tips on how to add some style and personality to your coffee table:

Start with a Tray

Using a tray is a simple way to add a little organization and create interest. Place the tray in the middle of the coffee table and put items within it that tie into the rest of your living room décor.

Add Height with Books

Placing a stack of books beneath decorations can add a sense of elevation and structure to the design of your coffee table. Choose either larger thick hardback books for a more natural look, or smaller sizes for a more minimalist style.

Include Flowers and Plants

Flowers and plants add colour and texture to the table. Place them in ceramic pots or vases to add to the overall design. If you don’t have fresh flowers, consider buying some greenery that doesn’t need to be watered or looked after.

Display Artwork

A coffee table can also serve as a great place to show off your favourite artwork. Place a few framed pictures next to the flowers and plants to add visual interest.

Mix and Match

When it comes to styling a coffee table, the most important thing is to ensure you create a balanced and harmonious look. Mix shapes, texture and materials to create an eclectic display that reflects your personality.

Choose the Right Accessories

Finishing touches are an important aspect of styling a coffee table. Place some small accessories on the table, as well as a decorative item such as a candle holder or sculpture.

General Tips:

  • Experiment with groupings – try grouping items together for a symmetrical look.
  • Add drama – use a single large statement piece to create a dramatic effect.
  • Keep proportions in mind – ensure none of the items on the table are too overwhelming.

Decorating your coffee table doesn’t have to be difficult – by following these steps, you can create a beautiful coffee table display in no time!

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