how to decorate coffee table tray for christmas

Decorating Your Coffee Table Tray for Christmas

Whether you have a dedicated tray for your living room coffee table or you simply rotate decorative pieces when the holidays come around, transforming your coffee table for Christmas is an easy, festive way to get into the holiday mood. Here are five quick and easy ways to decorate a coffee table tray for Christmas.

1. Start with a Candle

Begin your decorating with a candle. Not only is a candle a great way to set the holiday mood, but it also adds some warmth to the space. If you don’t already have a candle holder, pick up a festive one in a store or make your own. When arranging your centerpiece, place the candle in the middle and build around it.

2. Use the Christmas Color Palette

When you are arranging elements, select items in Christmas colors. Red, green, gold and silver tend to be popular palette choices, but don’t be afraid to use other holiday colors to create a unique look. Additionally, look for decorations that feature elements like pinecones, ribbons or even tiny bells or reindeer for a more festive touch.

3. Add Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

One of the most affordable, yet effective, ways to decorate your tray for the holidays is with natural elements. Apples, oranges, cranberries and pine needles can create a beautiful holiday-inspired display that also smells great.

4. Switch up Your Table Linens

Switch up your regular tabletop linens for something more festive. A red and green striped cloth or a linen featuring snowflakes or festive trees can give your coffee table a warm seasonal look.

5. Add Some Finishing Touches

Add in some final touches to complete the look. A string of twinkling lights, a few holiday-shaped soaps, ornaments, and even candy canes are all great finishing touches.


Decorating a coffee table tray for Christmas is quick and easy if you start with a few of these simple tips. Whether you choose to focus mainly on lights and candles or use a mix of found objects, you can create a festive centerpiece that you and your family will enjoy for the holiday season.

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