how to decorate an oval glass coffee table

How to Decorate an Oval Glass Coffee Table

An oval glass coffee table can be an elegant, iconic statement piece that adds an artistic touch to any room. Decorating an oval glass table can be a fun and creative way to personalize your home.

Tips for Decorating Your Oval Glass Coffee Table

  1. Choose a Centerpiece

    • A large vase, sculpture or figurine can be an eye-catching center of attention for an oval glass coffee table.
    • Keep the size of your decorations in proportion with the size of the table.

  2. Add a Tasseled Table Runner

    • A tasseled table runner can add visual interest and texture to the table.
    • Choose a light-colored fabric with a pattern that harmonizes with the room.

  3. Stack Books

    • Stacking books with large decorative covers serves as a platform for additional decorative accents like small frames or vases.
    • Choose books that reflect your personal style.

  4. Add Personal Accents

    • Personalizing your oval glass table with framed family photographs or collectibles is an easy way to make your place feel like home.
    • Arrange different-sized frames on the table for a unique look.


Decorating an oval glass coffee table is a great way to show your style and make your living space more inviting. Balance the size of your centerpiece with decorations on the table, and be sure to add personal touches to make it your own.

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