how to decorate an oval glass coffee table

Decorating an Oval Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables come in many shapes, sizes and styles. An oval glass coffee table can be a lovely addition to any living space. You can mesh the oval table with many different décor styles as well – no matter the look you are aiming for, creating a stunning centerpiece is not impossible.

How to Decorate an Oval Glass Coffee Table

  1. Start with a table runner. Choose a table runner that coordinates with the rest of your living room’s décor. A runner will look elegant and prevent any damage to the glass table.
  2. Pick out centerpieces. Place a few centerpieces in fanned out formation to maintain the oval shape of the coffee table. Candles, small figurines, tabletop plants, and other such items can look lovely.
  3. Include photos and art. Personalized photo frames can look great onoval coffee tables. Add a few small pieces of wall art that complement the rest of your décor.
  4. Add books. Come books add a cozy, homey touch to any living space. Place a few with complementary colors and textures on the table. Stick with coffee table books.
  5. Add a lamp.A small lamp can make a striking focal point on the oval coffee table. You can also opt for a candle if you already have a few centerpieces.

These are just a few tips for styling an oval glass coffee table. With a few pieces of décor, you can turn such an object into a beautiful centerpiece for any living room.

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