how to decorate an oval glass coffee table

Decorating an Oval Glass Coffee Table

Decorating an oval glass coffee table can be an inexpensive and fun way to liven up the look of any room. It’s important to choose a style and color that matches your current home décor, but there are endless options for adding a special touch to your living space. Here’s how you can decorate an oval glass coffee table:

Choose a Simple and Stylish Centerpiece

An eye-catching centerpiece will draw instant and subtle attention to your oval glass coffee table. Try using a simple and elegant flower arrangement such as white lilies, or an ornament or bowl of decorative stones or shells. You can also use small accent pieces such as candlesticks or photographs to create a unique look.

Utilize Books and Magazine Racks

A creative and functional way to decorate your oval glass coffee table is to use books and magazine racks. Arrange books, magazines, and newspapers in an interesting pattern around the perimeter of the table. Not only does this look great, but it also adds additional storage space for keeping reading materials organized.

Add Some Color

To make your oval glass coffee table stand out, try adding some bright colored items such as coasters or place mats. You could also use colorful dishes to display knickknacks or serve snacks. Placing a printed cloth or brightly colored tablecloth underneath your centerpiece is also an effective way to reflect color off the glass.

Use Artificial Greenery

Using artificial greenery is a fast and easy way to give your table an organic feel. Adding some faux ivy or artificial plants around the edges of the table will create a living and inviting atmosphere to your living room or den. You could also use wicker baskets to hold and display the greenery, giving the room a unique look.

Accessorize with Candlelight

Finally, one of the most classic and elegant ways to decorate your oval glass coffee table is with candlelight. Try using battery powered LED candles or classic tea-light holders. You could also add some battery-powered LED strips, which can highlight various accessories around your table and provide ambient lighting for the room.

Decorating an oval glass coffee table is a great opportunity to showcase your style and give your room an inviting and refreshing look. With these tips, you can easily turn your table from dull to dazzling.

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