how to decorate a white coffee table

How to Decorate a White Coffee Table

When you have a white coffee table, it can be fun to decorate it so it stands out in your home. White coffee tables can fit into almost any decor style, so you can choose from any design type you wish. Here are a few tips so you can decorate your white coffee table to perfection.

Choose a Color Scheme

First, pick a general color palette for your table. This will guide your decor decisions so that you don’t just add things randomly. Is your style more traditional or modern? Earthy or bright and vibrant? The color palette choices you make will help you decide on accessories to add to the table.

Classy Centerpiece

Next, pick a centerpiece for your table. It’s good to pick something unique, like a large glass vase, a ceramic bowl, or a tall candlestick holder. Place this in the center of the table, then arrange smaller items around the centerpiece. Rocks, driftwood, and pinecones are perfect for adding a natural touch.

Add Other Focal Points

You can add small details to the table for additional focus points. Candles, picture frames, and small vases work well. Sculptures or artwork are also good to incorporate, as long as they are the right size and scale for the table.

Add Colorful Accents

Finally, you can add colorful accents to make your white coffee table really stand out. Some colorful ideas include:

  • Throw pillows – add a few colorful throw pillows to make the table inviting and cozy
  • Colorful books – arrange some colorful books for a pop of color and texture
  • Tray display – lay down a tray for a fun and functional display on the table

With these tips, you can easily decorate your white coffee table with color and style. Pick a color palette, select a centerpiece, add other focal points, and finish it off with colorful accents. Enjoy the process and make sure the table reflects your style.

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