how to decorate a two tier glass coffee table

Decorating A Two-Tier Glass Coffee Table

A two-tier glass coffee table is a great centerpiece to add a little extra something to your living room. With some creative decorations, you can make a statement and really tie the room together. Here’s a few steps to help you get started:

Elevate the Upper Tier

Start by creating some visual interest on the upper tier. You can instantly draw the eye to this focal piece by adding a lasting centerpiece, like:

  • A glass candle holder to add a subtle glow and decorate the table.
  • A cashmere throw blanket in a complementary color to add a touch of texture and comfort.
  • A few tall plants to draw the eye upward and add a refreshing touch.

Place Items Strategically on the Lower Tier

Spreading things out on the lower tier with a few more decor elements can give shape and structure to the overall design. Here are a few suggestions to try out:

  • A stack of coffee table books with attractive covers that tie together the design of the coffee table.
  • A wooden bowl to hold a few small trinkets or sculptures.
  • A few pieces of greenery to freshen up the room.

Finishing Touches

Finally, to complete the design, a few finishing touches can bring the look together and make a huge statement. Consider adding:

  • A Mirror or piece of art placed above the coffee table to tie the design of the room together.
  • A rug underneath the coffee table to ground the piece and add a layer of softness to the room.
  • A couple of lamps can also be placed on either side to create a more intimate feel.

With these simple steps, you can transform any two-tier glass coffee table into the perfect centerpiece for your living room. Adding the right elements can create subtle visual interest that will make your living space stand out.

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