how to decorate a two tier glass coffee table

How to Decorate a Two Tier Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables can make great centerpieces in any living or family room. They often reflect light, give your space an open, modern feel, and can bring an elegant touch to a room. Decorating a two-tier glass coffee table can be tricky, but with the right accessories, you can make your table look chic and well designed.

Choose the Right Accessories

A two-tier glass coffee table is best decorated with accessories that are light and focus on the visible space between the two levels. Pick out items that add texture and color, but are still airy so that your coffee table looks thoughtfully arranged but still light and open. Here are a few items to consider for the top of your coffee table:

  • Books: Books are an easy way to add color and texture, as well as an interesting anchor for the other items.
  • Small sculpture or figurine: Craft a story by positioning a small sculpture or figurine that can serve as the centerpiece of your coffee table.
  • Plant: Greenery adds life to a room, but pick tall plants or hanging plants so that it won’t take up too much space on the two-tier table.

Arrange in a Balanced Way

Once you’ve picked out the right accessories, it’s time to start adding them to your coffee table. Once you’ve placed the larger centerpiece piece like the sculpture or a book, start adding other items around it while still paying attention to the space between the levels.

  • Tip 1: Arrange the items in an asymmetrical way. Group items of different heights for maximum visual appeal.
  • Tip 2:Balance out the candlesticks and other decorative objects. If a certain item is on the left side, make sure there’s something of equal height and width on the right.
  • Tip 3:Add some light. A few votives with small, simple candles will reflect the light and add a subtle lightness to the room.

Keep your Table Organized

A two-tier glass coffee table can quickly become cluttered, so make sure to keep it organized by regularly cleaning and styling. Periodically remove any clutter, dust off the accessories and rearrange them so the table looks fresh. However you style it, you can be sure that your two-tier glass coffee table will be the star of your space.

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