how to decorate a two tier coffee table

How to Decorate a Two Tier Coffee Table

Planning Your Decoration Scheme

Creating the perfect atmosphere in a room doesn’t necessarily require an expensive overhaul. With the right decorating tools, a two tier coffee table can become an attractive focal point for any room of your home.

Key Components to Get Started

Decorating your two tier coffee table can be achieved by following a few simple steps. Here are the key components to start with:

  • Tablecloth – To set the scene, layer a fabric tablecloth over the table.
  • Statement piece – Place the largest item, such as a sculpture or a vase, on the top shelf.
  • Smaller decor items – Add a couple of smaller items, such as a bowl or box, to the top shelf.
  • Lighting – Add a table lamp to the lower shelf to provide ambient light.
  • Greenery – Add a plant to the lower shelf to bring life to the table.

Finishing Touches

To complete the overall look, add a few colourful and interesting details:

  • Throw pillows – Add block coloured or patterned decorative pillows for a pop of colour.
  • Books – Arrange a few books in colour-coordinated stacks to attractively divide the two shelves.
  • Metallic accents – Add some metal accents such as containers, bowls, or trays, to create balance and visual interest.

Final Result

Once your decorating job is complete, you will have a unique two tier coffee table with a variety of textures and colours that will draw the eye and become a fashionable addition to your home.

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