how to decorate a square glass coffee table

Decorating a Square Glass Coffee Table

A square glass coffee table can add a fresh and elegant style to your home, but at the same time it can feel a bit barren. Here are some tips on how to make your square glass coffee table stand out and look inviting.

Use Glass and Metal Accents

Adding glass and metal accents to your glass coffee table can help it to better fit into your home’s decor. Look for glass vases, coasters and trays to add an extra bit of texture and style. Steel lamps, candlesticks and sculptures can also be perfect choices.

Utilize Colorful Pillows and Blankets

Using pillows and blankets can be a great way to make your glass coffee table appear more comfortable and inviting. Choose colors and prints that go with your existing theme and decor. Avoid using too much, as you don’t want the pillows and blankets to take up too much space on the table’s surface.

Include Floral Arrangements and Candles

Adding a few floral arrangements and a set of candles to your glass coffee table can really go a long way. Look for small floral arrangements that won’t take up too much space, such as a potted plant or mini bouquet. You could also add a decorative candle holder with a few pillar candles.

Display Books and Photo Frames

Books and photo frames can be perfect for adding a personal touch to your glass coffee table. Look for books with a pattern or design on the spine to break up the color palette. You can also display different sized photo frames to give the table an eclectic look.

Create a Stylish Vignette

To make your glass coffee table look more stylish and unique, consider creating a vignette. This can be done by grouping together a few decorative items that have the same color or design theme. Some items you could choose from could include a small sculpture, clocks, plants, and other tabletop accents.

By following these tips you can make a simple square glass coffee table look like a work of art!

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