how to decorate a modern coffee table

How to Decorate a Modern Coffee Table

Sprucing up your living space with the artful styling of a modern coffee table is an easy way to add that warm and cozy feeling. With the right pieces, you can create a stunning centerpiece to your living room that will be the envy of all your guests. Here are five ideas for how to easily get that modern coffee table look.

1. Less is More

The key to getting the right modern look is to start with simplicity. Aim for minimal design and make sure that each of the items on display have a purpose and are meant to be seen. By keeping only essential items on the coffee table, you can craft a stunning setup without overwhelming the decor.

2. Tie It All Together with a Vase

A medium or large sized vase can be used to tie all the elements of the display together. Fill the vase with either a combiantion of gems and pebbles for an earthy feel, colorful flowers, plants, or tall elegant branches. This will draw the eye in and give your coffee table a finished, designer look.

3. Don’t Forget the Books

An interesting stack of books can be an excellent addition to your modern coffee table. Choose a selection of books in different sizes and colors to create an interesting juxtaposition with the other items. Not only can this selection be perfectly decorated, you can rearrange it with each new season to enjoy an array of stylish possibilities.

4. Add Color with Candles and Trays

Modern coffee tables are the perfect place to get creative with color and texture. Try adding decorative seasonal candles or trays with bold and bright geometric designs to bring the atmosphere together. Keep in mind that less is more and make sure the items on display are complementary and don’t overpower your setup.

5. Make It Personal

Your modern coffee table is an extension of your style, so make it personal with items and accessories you love. To add something a little special, consider adding a vintage collectible or an item from a favorite place you’ve traveled. This will create a unique piece of decor and create a great conversation starter.

Decorating your modern coffee table doesn’t have to be difficult. Start with the basics and let your creativity guide your choices. Keep in mind the tips above and soon you will have a beautiful and stunning centerpiece that reflects your style and personality.

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