how to decorate a modern coffee table

How to Decorate a Modern Coffee Table

Your coffee table can be a focal point in any room and it’s important to decorate it with a modern, stylish touch. Here are some easy tips to make sure yours looks great.

1. Choose an Interesting Table

The most important starting point is to choose a coffee table that you love. It should be the same design style as the rest of your furniture so that the look of your whole room is harmonious.

2. Start with the Basics

With your modern coffee table chosen, the basics to remember are function and scale. Function refers to how you will use the table, whether that’s for coffee, snacks, books, or board games. Knowing what you will use the coffee table for will help you decide the size that you need.

3. Accessorize

Now for the fun part! Once you have your coffee table chosen and the basics in place, it’s time to pick out some accessories. Here are some ideas for accessorizing a modern coffee table:

  • Books: Consider choosing books to decorate with that have interesting covers and interesting topics.
  • Tray: Using a tray on your coffee table is a great way to keep items organized.
  • Candles: Candles can smell great and add a warm ambience to any room.
  • Flowers: Fresh or faux, flowers can add a pop of color and life to the room.
  • Decorative Objects: Choose interesting objects to add height and interest to the table. A sculpture, a bowl, and vase all work well.

4. Finish with Greenery

Greenery is the perfect way to finish your coffee table styling and create a modern, stylish look. This can be as simple as a single plant in a pot or something more elaborate, like a potted topiary or terrarium.

5. Re-Style Regularly

Lastly, consider re-styling your coffee table regularly. This can be more often or less, depending on how often you entertain. Changing things up is a great way to keep your decor interesting and updated.

Your coffee table can be a beautiful and useful focal point in your home. With the tips above and a bit of creativity, you can style a modern coffee table that looks great and meets your needs.

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