how to decorate a large round coffee table

Decorating a Large Round Coffee Table

A large round coffee table can instantly elevate your living room’s design. Whether you opt for a modern light-wood table or rustic-style dark-wood table, you can use simple decor to make it the showpiece of your living room. Here are some tips to get you started:

Select a Centerpiece

Pick a centerpiece as the foundation of your design scheme. A decorative bowl filled with unique items, a large candle holder, or a low vase with flowers are all perfect options. Choose items that echo the style of your larger pieces of furniture.

Balance the Roundness of the Table

The roundness of the table is a feature worth emphasizing. Balance out the roundness with symmetry by placing similar pieces on either side of the centerpiece. It may be two lamps on either side, decorative boxes or books.

Add Bright Colours

As you prepare to further decorate your coffee table, consider adding colourful items. Whether they be accent pillows, a brightly patterned tray or a picture frame with vibrant artwork, any of these will help give your coffee table a more lively feel.

Things to Avoid

When decorating your coffee table, there are some key elements to avoid. Firstly, don’t overcrowd the table. Working with limited items is a great way to maximize the look of the table without making it overbearing. Secondly, don’t use any items that could be potentially hazardous, like sharp objects or glass items.


Decorating a large round coffee table begins with selecting a centerpiece and adding symmetrical items to balance out the roundness. Add bright colours to give the table a more lively feel and remember to limit items to avoid overcrowding. With these tips, your coffee table will be the perfect centerpiece of your living room.

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