how to decorate a large glass coffee table

Decorating a Large Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables can look great when you decorate them with care. Here are some tips and tricks for decorating your large glass coffee table:

Play with Layering

You can layer different items on the table to create a stylish look. Try including:

  • Books -You can group together books of different sizes and colors to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Area Rugs – Add a colorful, patterned rug to the top or bottom of your table to add depth, color and texture.
  • Vases and Plants – Place small vases with flowers or succulents in the center of your table, or an interesting centerpiece.
  • Plates – Place patterned plates in different sizes for an eclectic look.
  • Candles – Add a few candles to the table for a warm, ambient glow.


Lighting can be a great way to add some drama to your table. You can try adding a few tea light holders or maybe a modern pendant light above the table. This will create a beautiful, “Zen” atmosphere in your living room.

Colors and Patterns

When decorating your table, it’s best to work with 3-4 colors max. And pick one decor item with a brightly-colored, bold pattern. This will help bring all the elements together and make your table look more cohesive.

Accessories with Personality

Go beyond the basics and dress up your table with accessories that speak to your personality. Try adding items like unique sculptures, quirky decorations, or vintage items that match the look and style of your home.


With these tips, you can create a stunning, eye-catching glass coffee table. Be sure to follow the guidelines but also don’t be afraid to take risks and get creative with your design!

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