how to decorate a large glass coffee table

Decorate A Large Glass Coffee Table Like A Pro

Adding decorations to your coffee table can give your living room a pop of style and personality. But it’s extra tricky to do when you’re dealing with a large glass coffee table, as small decorations can be lost and large ones overly dominate.

Luckily, there are lots of tips and tricks to give your glass table a stunning look. Read on to find out how to decorate a large glass coffee table like a pro.

Buy A Coffee Table Runner

A large glass coffee table without decorations can feel a little cold and clinical; this is where a table runner comes in. Invest in one in a pattern or colour that really speaks to your style, and add it over your glass top for a much more interesting look.

Add Some Accessories

Small table decorations such as accessories are key to making your coffee table the centerpiece of your decor. To do this effectively, try using different heights and materials – such as a stunning vase alongside some glossy magazines.

Mix In Some Books

Books can come in many sizes and styles, making them a great way to decorate your large glass coffee table with eye-catching shapes and colours. Get creative and combine artwork books, novels and even coffee table books to create a tasteful yet interesting look.

Layer For A Cozy Look

Layering is an increasingly popular way to decorate your coffee table. Start off with a tray on top of your table, followed by a stack of books and then mix it up with trinkets, plants and more. Layering is a great way to fill big spaces without it looking too crowded.

Implement Finishing Touches

Don’t forget about the little details to tie your coffee table look together. Think candles, coasters, cute napkins and even a scented diffuser. All of these can be used to bring your decorations together and make your coffee table look complete.

How To Decorate A Large Glass Coffee Table

To sum up, here’s how to decorate a large glass coffee table like a pro:

  • Buy a coffee table runner
  • Add some accessories
  • Mix in some books
  • Layer for a cozy look
  • Implement finishing touches

Following these top tips and tricks, you can start to create a stunning look for your large glass coffee table. It’s all about getting creative, showing off your personality in your decorations and having some fun. Prepare to be amazed by your superb coffee table styling.

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