how to decorate a glass coffee table

Decorating a glass coffee table

A glass coffee table brings a unique and stylish touch to your living room. If you know how to decorate it, you can even make it the focal point of your interior design. Here is how to decorate a glass coffee table.

1. Choose an area rug

An area rug underneath a glass coffee table can give the room a much-needed splash of color and texture. Choose a rug that’s large enough to fit the coffee table, and pick a shade that works with the surrounding décor.

2. Accessorize the table

To decorate the coffee table, start with a set of nesting trays. Fill them with books, candles, and other small items. You can also use framed photos, unique décor pieces, or a center bowl filled with potpourri.

3. Add books

A coffee table is the perfect place to display coffee table books. Choose books that reflect your interests and that tie into the rest of the decor. Place them in rows, or stack them at different angles for a dynamic look.

4. Light it up

Lighting is key when it comes to decorating any space. For a glass coffee table, use a desk lamp, floor lamp, or wall sconce to illuminate the area. If the table is large enough, you can also add a hurricane candle in the center.

5. Use accent pieces

Accent pieces like ornate sculptures and vases make great additions to a glass coffee table. Choose pieces that you love and that fit with the overall look of the room.


A glass coffee table is a great way to bring style and sophistication to your living room. To make it the focal point of your interior design, choose an area rug, accessorize the table, add books for texture, use lighting to illuminate the area, and fill the table with unique accent pieces. With the right decorating elements, your glass coffee table will be the talk of the home.

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